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Wreath Classes

Our wreath classes are a fun way to enjoy a workshop when you want to socially get your arts and crafts on! No painting required 🙂  Create one of these beautiful styles and take home a decor item you will love, all while visiting with friends, and sipping BYOB wine in our fun and casual studio.  We do our best to keep up with the latest trends and seasons so you can find a wreath that appeals to even the trendiest guest.  We use high end florals and have a selection of trimmings to choose from, but as availability of specific items can come and go, we may not have the exact trimmings pictured in the photos below.  We do strive to get close and it’s important to us that you take home a quality wreath with trimmings you will love.  Private parties for groups of 6 available on weeknights or get a private table in one of our public classes (any type/any time) with groups of just 4-6 guests. Wreath workshops are $48

Doormat Painting Classes

A fun social crafting project that is seasonal and trendy!  Usually paired with porch leaning signs, these coir doormats are durable and personalized!  Brighten any porch or mudroom in any season with this easy to do project.  Doormats can be painted in any wood sign painting class, so scheduling one is a breeze. Doormat Workshops are $39 and measure 18×30 inches. Schedule your private event, or to register during a wood sign painting public class, choose the medium sign category and when asked to fill out design choice, type MATT and then your design choice with any customizations.