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Arts and Crafts Workshops Galore!

We do more than wood signs at Hang Workshop!  It’s just the place if you want to explore new arts and crafts in other varieties too!  Always keeping up with trends in the arts and crafts circles, so we can introduce them to you.

Paint Pour Projects

Paint Pour workshops are messy, easy, and incredibly fun!  Growing to be one of our most popular arts and craft workshops to date and, adding more and more shapes to choose from so you will love this project!  Hanging hardware included and your project will be sent home in a pizza box so you are able to allow it to dry at home!  Please allow 3 days before taking it out of the box to hang. Private parties with 8 guests or more and great value! 10-12 inch shapes are priced at $29 and Large 18 inch shapes only $46!  

Wreath Classes

Wreath classes are a great choice when you want to socially get your arts and crafts on with no painting required 🙂  Create one of these beautiful styles and take home a decor item you will love.  High end florals and a selection of quality trimmings to choose from but as availability of specific items can come and go, we may not have the exact trimmings pictured in the photos below.  We do strive to get as close as possible, and it’s important to us that you take home a quality wreath. Schedule a private event or table in one of our public classes with groups of just 4-6 guests. Wreath workshops are $49

Wood Rounds & Shape Decor Hanger Workshops

Decor Hangers in fun or seasonal shapes are a great arts and craft project for anyone. Follow along with a pre-lined pattern or stencil, making painting almost as easy as using a coloring book or follow along with instructors and samples in the workshop. Private parties may be arranged with 8 guests or more and 18 inch cut out shapes are a good value at $39 and solid pine wood rounds are $50. 

Stainless Steel Tumbler Classes

Arts and craft classes featuring tumblers are a treat for bachelorette parties, girls night out, and teens love them too.  These are double-walled stainless steel tumblers and keep drinks hot/cold for hours.!  Available in 30oz and 20oz standard, 16oz wine tumbler, or 12oz sippy tumblers.  Tumblers make fantastic gifts since they can be personalized and go anywhere and memorialize special occasions. You will decorate in the workshop and then take it home to complete by applying the tumbler’s hard shiny finish. Products are non-toxic, and so there are no fumes or skin irritants to worry about. Private parties for 8 or more guests, or catch a public event!  Prices on tumbler arts and crafts vary depending on size or detail, starting at $39

Mosaic Arts and Crafts

Arts and craft classes featuring mosaics are a fun way to express yourself in 3D!  With colorful pieces and creative ways to use them, bet on a fun workshop!  Great options for kids and adults alike.  Kits available for a take home option too!  Private parties for 8 or more guests, or try and catch a public event!  Since mosaic pieces vary in size and shape and color, your project will be similar, but not always exactly the same as pictures shown.  We want you to love your unique project and use quality vibrant mosaics. Shapes are 10-12 inches and cost is $29 each and quantity discounts are available. 

Bag Toss Set Workshops

Try this fun social crafting project that makes a fantastic gift or is fun for the whole family!  Official size corn hole sets are durable and personalized!  Brighten any couples day with custom names and wedding date or choose a graphic instead!.  Sets come with colored bags and can be painted or stained any color and then choose additional paint colors for the stenciled design.  Available workshops May-July seasonally.  If you are an arts and crafts person, we offer kits, or if you’d like help, book a private group workshop with your friends- There is room in the workshop for 4-6 sets. Bag Toss set Workshops are $169 per set and measure 24×48 inches each. 

Doormat Painting Classes

An arts and craft project that is seasonal and trendy!  Usually paired with porch leaning signs, these coir doormats are durable and personalized!  Brighten any porch or mudroom in any season with this easy to do project.  Doormats can be painted in any wood sign painting class, so scheduling one is a breeze. Workshops are $39 and measure 18×30 inches. Schedule your private event, or to register during a wood sign painting public class, choose the medium sign category and when asked to fill out design choice, type MATT and then your design choice with any customizations.